Reach Your Maximum Leadership Potential and Master The Mindset to Lead Your Team To New Levels of Success!

The Mindset of a Leader Can Be a Minefield

Increased demands on high-performing business leaders can tigger a multitude of problems. Leaders who feel pressure to lead without limits often succumb secretly to paralyzing loneliness, anxiety, frustration, and destructive behavior.

The lonely nature of business leadership keeps talented individuals stuck in a pattern of poor health, self-sabotaging behavior and suffocating overwhelm.

Left unchecked, these business leaders can fall into self-destructive patterns that negatively affects their mental well-being, physical health and relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Your leaders need a lifeline…

And you can give it to them. 

Chukky Okobi

Founder of Basic Instructions and SuperBowl Champion

You Can Overcome Obstacles & Become a Championship Leader

As a SuperBowl Champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers, I’ve learned how to compete and become successful at very high levels.

I also understand the pressures, challenges, struggles and pitfalls that come with the pursuit of success.

To give other leaders a chance to breakthrough the barriers that are holding them back, I created the Basic Instructions Mindset Mastery Program which is designed to strengthen corporate culture and to empower leaders for success at high levels.

Inside my Basic Instructions Mindset Mastery Program, I combine integrative human psychology and neurolinguistics in communication, allowing individuals to connect the dots using simple yet effective mindset principles.

The difference is that I help you connect those dots for success in ways that maybe you and your team have never considered.

Using my personal stories and experiences of success at the highest level of professional sports, I will empower you and your team by teaching them the 4 requisites for high-level professional achievement, and how to cultivate the necessary mindset to achieve this level of results in your career and life.

Now is your chance to bring my Basic Instructions Mindset Mastery Program to your team, business or organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of topics does Chukky speak about?

His primary topic is the human Mind-Body-Energy Connection, Personal Empowerment, and Mindset/Emotional Mastery for Success. All presentations are customizable and can cover anything from corporate leadership, to mental health, to effective communication.

Are Chukky’s speeches about football?

No. While attendees may enjoy anecdotes about football, Chukky’s presentations use stories from sports and the business world to support lessons in empowerment, culture, and leadership, and are geared toward sports and non-sports fans alike.

How much does it cost to book Chukky?

It depends on the type of event, location, time commitment, and other variables. Our events and pricing are customizable, and we look forward to discussing them with you.

Does Chukky speak during football season?

Yes, Chukky speaks year-round.  He may already be in your location so please check with us. All keynotes and workshops can be given virtually as an option.

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