Develop the High Performance Habits of Super Bowl Champions and integrate them into your Company Culture.

Culture matters in every profession. From the conference room to the locker room, it is vitally important for leaders to focus on creating and sustaining a winning atmosphere and a championship mindset with their teams.

Chukky Okobi brings perspective and lessons to your organization that he learned from as an 8-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl winner. His extensive and unique NFL career has given him insight into how the world’s most successful sports organizations and leaders think in order to reach their biggest goals and realize their full potential.

“I cannot recommend Chukky highly enough. I’ve seen him speak to groups from Big Ten college football teams, toasts at weddings, and in multi-million dollar business negotiations. He is a gifted speaker and trainer,  potentially the best communicator I’ve ever known, and someone I consider family.”

—Dan White, CEO City Ventures Real Estate Development & Acquisitions

Meet Chukky

Make no mistake, Super Bowl success doesn’t happen by accident. It requires vision, determination, a desire to learn, and a willingness to invest in having the right person in your corner.

Though I’m a successful speaker and coach, and a Super Bowl Champion, my life and career has been filled with challenges, setbacks and obstacles – just like yours. I believe that with the right perspective, support and action, you and your team can develop a bulletproof mindset to meet life’s challenges with intention, tenacity and purpose.



Business and Life are both cyclical. We often find ourselves repeating the same patterns of thought and behavior, reliving the same themes and challenges over and over. When this happens, we have two choices: we can either get stuck, dissolve into complacency and let fate decide your future… or choose to learn what we need to know in order to develop the mental & emotional discipline to develop a new winning mindset, to create a positive cultural shift to evolve your career, your people, and your company to their full potential.


  • Keynote and Motivational Speaker
  • Corporate Leadership & Sales Trainer 
  • Master Practitioner of Integrative Psychology
  • NFL Draft Pick 2001 (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 8-Year NFL veteran
  • Super Bowl XL Champion (2005)

“We hired Chukky because we believed his leadership background and area of expertise could provide the necessary knowledge to empower our team to take action and become their ‘best self’. 

“On the day of the event Chukky Okobi commanded the audience, at times quietly, other times energetically and most often interactively, weaving a series of intertwined stories that cleverly brought his message of self-empowerment full circle. The audience was on the edge of their seats and ready to get to work!”

—Robert C. Bailey, Thrivent Financial

There is too much talk about problems and not enough emphasis on HOW we solve them.

How do we create a Super Bowl Champion mindset and a more innovative & empowered company culture? How do we boost our resilience and agility during challenging times? How do we help our people do good while feeling good?

The Basic Instructions provide the framework with which to craft tangible, actionable solutions to the questions you have about your personal energy, tenacity, resilience, vitality, performance, and growth, as well as that of the organization you run and the teams you manage.

By leveraging our proprietary tools and framework you will have the ability to identify the answers you need to move forward in powerful, profitable, and fun ways. We offer the solution for HOW to create new, healthier ways of working and living.

Focusing on alignment and integration of mind, body, and emotions, the Basic Instructions give you and your team or organization the actionable insight into to how to think and feel empowered while you create Super Bowl level results in your career and company.

The Basic Instructions Approach:

Basic Instruction #1: Release the Past

To develop a new bulletproof mindset, we must first release the unsuccessful mental habits and negative emotions of the past. 

Learning how to release the old mental strategies and negative emotions gives your company and your people insight into how easy it can be to let go of the old way of thinking and the residual emotional effects of past challenges like COVID, financial losses, and other personal and professional setbacks. Chukky coaches and trains leaders and teams on the principles of Mental and Emotional Release® — a collection of proven techniques which produces long-lasting transformation very quickly. These powerful and clinically-proven mental techniques are becoming the method of choice to make fast, effective, long-term changes in behavior and emotional wellness.

Basic Instruction #2: Clarify your Vision 

Basic Instructions #2 teaches you how to develop the mental discipline within your people to think big and channel our focus and passion to create a vision for the legacy of the individuals within your teams, and the future impact your company is making in your industry and global community.

Basic Instruction #3: Develop Super Bowl Level habits of Thought and Action:

For all of us, our habits of action are a reflection of our habits of thought. Basic Instruction #3 gives you the framework to learn the effective mental strategies of high-performing champions, implement them into the culture and mindset of your teams, and execute the necessary actions to realize the new empowered vision of your desired future.

Basic Instruction #4: Maintain Focus and Momentum:

Basic Instructions Mind Mastery provides training and coaching programs (group and 1:1) to teach teams and leaders the principles, techniques, and applications to empower your people to maintain focus on the company’s intention and vision, and develop the mental habits necessary to maintain their tenacity, and continue to build momentum for continuous progress towards your greater purpose.

“Chukky’s instruction was top-tier and he was exceedingly well-received by our students. While his professional football background provided immediate credibility and bonafides with our Warriors, it was his expert storytelling, use of metaphor, and ability to translate NLP concepts into practical application for our students that truly won the group over.”

—Mike Kenny, Executive Director of Warriors Ascent Mental Health Care Non-profit for Military Veterans

The Basic Instructions

The Basic Instructions of a Winning Culture

Basic Instructions empowers your people with the foundational mindset principles that add up to a winning culture in business and in life. 

Leaders and team players alike will draw vital lessons from 8-year NFL Veteran and Super Bowl Champion Chukky Okobi as he shares tales of perseverance, patience, grit and gratitude from historical figures, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and hall-of-fame coaches and athletes. From the Super Bowl success to the most mentally and emotionally challenging moments, Chukky shares how building a bulletproof mindset and winning culture is the foundation to career and life success, and how creating Success is Simple if you know the Basic Instructions.

Keynote Topics:

  • Realizing Our Biggest Professional Goals
  • Mind-Body-Emotional Integration for Success
  • Social Intelligence
  • Effective Communication
  • Emotional Discipline
  • Trust and Harmony within Teams 
  • Powerful Professional Relationships

*all programs are customizable

Services & Solutions

Group/Team Coaching

The Basic Instructions Mind Mastery programs are designed to simplify complex mental and emotional principles for easy application with teams & professionals, empowering high-level performing companies and professionals to develop deeper and more profitable professional relationships and results.

Benefits of Basic Instructions Group Coaching and Workshops

  1. Create a customized strategic plan to transform your company culture and increase performance
  2. Provide a customized tactical plan to help you easily clarify your short term objectives and long term vision.
  3. Develop the mental habits and discipline to naturally execute you action plan that has been created/improved
  4. Develop the foresight, tenacity, and flexibility to navigate unforeseen obstacles and circumstances
  5. Learn how to efficiently market your business and efficiently close sales by implementing proven processes and systems for your business

1 & 2 Day Basic Instructions Workshops

Description to come

1:1 Coaching

As a as a business leaders and High-level performing professional, work  directly with Super Bowl Champion Chukky Okobi as your personal mindset coach as he guides you through the Basic Instructions of Mind Mastery coaches each step of the way to assist you in clarify your goals and strengthen you mental and emotional discipline, to achieve their highest level of personal and professional success as you work together to achieve your specific desired results in your life and career. 

1:1 Client Results/Testimonials:

David Goodall

Angela Kreps

Coaching Client Testimonial Compilation

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of topics does Chukky speak about?

His primary topic is the human Mind-Body-Energy Connection, Personal Empowerment, and Mindset/Emotional Mastery for Success. All presentations are customizable and can cover anything from corporate leadership, to mental health, to effective communication.

Are Chukky’s speeches about football?

No. While attendees may enjoy anecdotes about football, Chukky’s presentations use stories from sports and the business world to support lessons in empowerment, culture, and leadership, and are geared toward sports and non-sports fans alike.

How much does it cost to book Chukky?

It depends on the type of event, location, time commitment, and other variables. Our events and pricing are customizable, and we look forward to discussing them with you.

Does Chukky speak during football season?

Yes, Chukky speaks year-round.  He may already be in your location so please check with us. All keynotes and workshops can be given virtually as an option.

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